Weight Loss

Are you having problems losing weight?  Have you tried various diets but nothing works?  When you stop dieting do you put back on any weight you have lost?

Nutritional therapy can help you achieve your ideal weight by focusing on:

  • identifying any underlying factors which may be promoting weight gain and making it difficult for you to lose weight; such as hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and poor eating habits.
  • teaching you how to change for life and not just to follow a diet for a certain time.

The aim is for you to make some realistic adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to achieve gradual and healthy weight loss, and to keep your weight down.  There’ll be no calorie counting or strict regime to follow!

It will be a case of finding out what works for you, and the number of consultations you come for will depend on your needs.

If you have a friend or partner who would also like some weight loss advice, I can offer joint consultations for a small extra charge.

Being slim is not just about body image.  There are also many health benefits to be gained by achieving a healthy weight.  Being overweight can increase your risk to develop certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, gallstones and osteoarthritis.


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